Prize Wheel

Hey kids! How would you like a chance to spin the Prize Wheel?

  • Great Oral Hygiene will get you 1 Dino Dollar
  • Being on time will get you another Dino Dollar
  • If you don’t have any broken wires, braces or appliances I’ll give you 1 more Dino Dollar!
  • Collect 9 Dino Dollars and get a SPIN.

**Please do not combine Dino Dollars with family and friends.**

Annual Scholarship Program

Dr. Desai will give a $1000 scholarship annually to a deserving high school senior who has had orthodontic treatment in our office. E-mails will go out to patients that fall in the age range of a typical high school senior in the beginning of the year. You can also contact our office to have the most current application sent to you.

Community Outreach